Proficiency Tests

Proficiency tests allow a comparison of analysis results between laboratories according to defined criteria. The successful participation in round-robin proficiency testing is an essential tool in current quality management of laboratories and mandatory for accredited laboratories under ISO 17025.


Proficiency Tests are planned and executed over several years. Both the analyte and the sample matrix must be selected. Many proficiency tests may consist of two samples with differing levels of contamination.


The current programme of proficiency testing is available here. Tests and materials are offered for veterinary drug residues, histamines & biogenic amines, pesticides & disinfectants, heavy metals, food additives, mycotoxins & acrylamide.


Participants are divided into two groups according to their respective analytical method: Group A uses confirmatory HPLC or GC methods, Group B uses microbiological, immunochemical or other rapid screening methods.


For each Proficiency Testing Round, a report with all results and statistically relevant evaluations, including the z-score analysis, will be sent to the participants.

TestVeritas proficiency test program 2024
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TestVeritas proficiency test program 2023
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Proficiency test registration form
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