Fumonisins (FUM) are mycotoxins produced by some Fusarium species, as for example Fusarium verticillioides. FUM B1 is the most common and important fumonisin. It acts as an inhibitor of ceramide synthase and prevents the biosynthesis of membranes. FUM B1 has been proven to cause liver and kidney damages in all animals tested so far.

Within the context of consumer protection, it is therefore necessary to monitor the production of food and feed and to check its content of fumonisin.

Legal threshold values are regulated differently in each country and are defined e.g. as 4000 µg/kg for maximum occurrence in unprocessed maize, as 800 µg/kg for breakfast cereals, or as 200 µg/kg for infant formula.

A list of currently available aokin Fumonisin products can be downloaded here.

Chemical formula for Fumonisin B1, C34H59NO15
Molecular Weight 721.83g/mol

Catalogue of standards including isotope standards and rare mycotoxins
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Quantification of Fumonisin
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Envirologix Mycotoxin Testing Kits

Envirologix Mycotoxin Testing Kits – Fumonisin

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